Key Message Prompt Cards

Here are some helpful prompt cards to help you remember key messages in effective communication.  These can be downloaded and saved to your mobile device Having Better Conversations in Challenging Situations Breaking Bad News with SPIKES Demonstrating Empathy with NURSE prompt card Future Care Planning &  DNA-CPR FCP-Prompt Cards Presentation_Final Oct 2021 RED-MAP-Poster-Sept-2021-2 Shared Decision … Continued

Clinical communication papers and journals

Some helpful clinical papers and journals to support effective communication in healthcare The impact of interprofessional incivility on medical performance, service and patient care: a systematic review – Clive Lewis PDF Hope is Hazardous – Richard Smith (link)

Three-talk model for shared decision making

Three key steps of shared decision making for clinical practice Three-talk model for SDM

Shared Decision Making Guide using DECIDE

A quick and easy to remember guide to the five essential steps of shared decision making Having realistic conversations – DECIDE handout Mar 2022 DECIDE MODEL slide 2022  

Talking About Future Care Planning using REDMAP

The REDMAP framework is a 6-step guide to future care planning conversations with people whose health is deteriorating and their families. RED-MAP-Poster-Sept-2021-2 RED-MAP-Guide-for-Care-Planning-with-ReSPECT-Sept-2021-1 FCP-Prompt Cards Presentation_Final Oct 2021 Future care planning in Community with REDMAP March 2022 Future care planning in hospitals with REDMAP March 2022 Future care planning with ReSPECT (REDMAP Guide) March 2022 … Continued

Offering a Meaningful Apology

A guide from the Scottish Public Service Ombudsman on how to make a good apology. This guide will help you get apologies right for most people, most of the time. A quick and helpful guide with tips on how to offer a meaningful apology. Based on Scottish Public Services Ombudsman Guidance Offering a Meaningful … Continued

Talking on the phone

Some helpful tips on communicating effectively when talking on the telephone Talking-with-people-by-phone-May-2021

Communication Challenges presentation

A presentation on communication challenges for health and care professionals with lots of advice and helpful tips to help promote better conversations in challenging situations Communication Challenges PPT 2018