Adverse Events

EC4H online – fall whilst in hospital scenario EC4H online – Telephone relative about covid and a fall Scenario for Severe Adverse Event Review – Gynaecology

Being Open

Being Open Maternityย  – Difficult & Prolonged C-section/Baby has severe HIE

Breaking Bad News

Breaking bad news – renal cancer – patient had delays in diagnosis and is in denial Nursing scenario – oncology -supporting a distressed patient and their relative after receiving bad news EC4H Online – Breaking bad news – Nurse – phone call breaking bad news to patient with oesophageal cancer Senior_Doctor/Consultant -breaking bad & future … Continued

Distress, Denial, Collusion and Assertiveness

Distress Urology Case – MDT discussion GP – Communicating with a distressed relative – advising palliative care Trainee Doctors – Communicating with a distressed relative – patient being discharged Bad News Cancer-introducing Palliative Care Denial Challenging conversations at the end of life – COPD Patient refusing to accept he is dying or to discuss DNA … Continued

Goals of Care and CPR

Challenging conversations at the end of life – COPD Patient refusing to accept he is dying or to discuss DNA CPR Challenging conversations at the end of life – Dementia DNACPR angry relative POA Consultant Scenario CPR care home Resident -angry & distressed relative COPD_Ward level care – Consultant/Medical Trainee Discussing Goals of care and … Continued

Handling a Complaint and Anger

Complaint from relative about care plan (cancer) Complaint from relative about patient care Acute Admissions unit (fraily/multimorbidity) Complaint from angry distressed relative – Care Home Resident Scenario – handling a complaint from a bereaved relative Scenario Anger & complaint re CVA Scenario Complaint about patient care on ward from relative (stroke) Addressing a complaint from … Continued


Addressing Compliant – Poorly Performing Trainee (Acute Medical Ward) Meeting with Staff Nurse about concerns regarding poor communication within team Addressing Concerns about Attitude of Trainee (Paediatrics) Charge nurse – staff nurse performance issue


Palliative Care CNS/Doctor – patient frustrated with symptom control Renal situation -Nurse with angry relative Nursing Scenario 1 addressing a complaint about care from a relative whose mother has recently had a stroke Nursing scenario 2 discussing deteriorating health, dying and what matters Nursing scenario 3 communicating with a challenging staff member Nursing Scenario 4 … Continued

Realistic Medicine and Shared Decision Making

Realistic Medicine Conference Scenario lung cancer (returned) Oct 2019 RM SDM scenario Breast Cancer sept 2019 RM SDM scenario HRT Jan 2020 Palliative care_Doctor/CNS – Breast Cancer – symptom control RM SDM scenario – lung cancer (new diagnosis) Oct 2020