Communication Challenges for Appraisers

03 Sep 2021 09:15 - 13:00 Tryst, Borders General Hospital Free

A half day interactive workshop for Appraisers.

Workshop overview

Participants will work in a small peer group and address communication challenges drawn from their role as appraisers.
The scenarios may include:
• Complex shared decision-making
• Handling strong emotions – anger, emotional distress, denial and collusion
• Addressing and preventing complaints
• Addressing poor performance
• Negotiation and job planning

Learning outcomes:

• To build confidence when communicating with colleagues and fellow professionals
• To handle conflict sensitively and effectively
• To feel empowered as appraisee’s advocate
• To manage meetings effectively


Pre-workshop preparation

Participants are encouraged to reflect on their current communication styles and situations which they may find challenging. Participants will be asked to give examples of difficult situations which they have experienced in their pre-course evaluation on the EC4H website

Tryst, Borders General Hospital

Communication Challenges for Appraisers

Date: 03 Sep 2021
Time: 09:15 - 13:00

Tutor team

Dr Rebecca Smithson

EC4H Lead Tutor

Dr Becky Smithson was a GP for 12 years and trained GPSTs in communication skills for many years. She now works as a GP in Palliative Care in the Margaret Kerr Unit at the Borders General Hospital. GMC Number: 4700610

Michelle Scott

EC4H Lead Tutor

Michelle is a Palliative Care Nurse at Borders General Hospital. Working as a nurse in Palliative Care since 2004 has underpinned the fundamentals of Michelle’s communication skills. Seeing the importance of knowing how individuals communicate led Michelle to extend her skills through advancing her communication skills and delivering communication skills as a facilitator. NMC Pin is 98J0101S