Communication Challenges for Consultants

09:00 - 16:00 Edinburgh (Venue to be confirmed) £200

An immersive, interactive clinical communication workshop for Consultants and senior clinicians (Band 7+) which equips participants with the skills and confidence to have better conversations in challenging circumstances.

This workshop is open to staff from all NHS health boards

Date of workshop to be confirmed – please complete the online application form to be added to our waiting list and notified of upcoming dates


Working in a small peer group, participants will address communication challenges drawn from their own clinical practice, management and teaching roles. Common challenges addressed during the programme are:
• Complex, shared decision-making & informed consent
• Handling anger, emotional distress, collusion or denial
• Addressing and preventing complaints
• Being open about adverse events
• Multi-disciplinary team work; managing teams
• Addressing poor performance
• Appraisal & job planning
• Communicating as a clinical manager or with senior management

Learning Outcomes

This clinical communication workshop offers participants the opportunity to:
• Review & evaluate their current practice in relation to communication in a wide range of roles and situations.
• Identify personal learning objectives and develop strategies for addressing these within a senior clinicians’ peer learning group.
• Critique and apply relevant literature/ theory on effective communication.
• Consider and take account of patient/carer/colleague perspectives.
• Identify and practise ways of increasing communication effectiveness.
• Exchange ideas and experiences with colleagues from other specialties



Edinburgh (Venue to be confirmed)

Communication Challenges for Consultants

Time: 09:00 - 16:00

Tutor team

Dr Belinda Hacking

EC4H Lead Tutor

Dr Belinda Hacking has worked with Dr. Boyd since 2003, teaching clinical communication to senior doctors and other professionals across Scotland. Belinda was also trained by the late Professor Maguire. Her clinical role is head of psychology service for learning disability, health, forensic, neuropsychology and older adults in NHS Lothian. Belinda has a special interest in shared decision-making in healthcare. British Psychological Society membership: 33194