Discussing Deteriorating Health and DNACPR (November)

14 Nov 2023 12:30 - 14:00 Online attendance Free

An intensive four-part online workshop aimed at those frequently having conversations about deteriorating health including Advanced Nurse Practitioners, other senior nurses, doctors and other AHPs working in NHS Fife.

This workshop is for NHS Fife staff only

Workshop Overview

This interactive course consists of a series of four linked webinars run over 4 weeks, which will cover a range of topics. At each session, participants will watch a real time interactive demonstration led by EC4H tutors and will have the opportunity throughout the demonstration to contribute suggestions and feedback to the tutor team via the chat box.

Session 1: Deteriorating Health 14th November (12.30 pm to 2 pm)
Session 2: DNACPR – 21st November (12.30 pm to 2 pm)
Session 3: Breaking Bad News – 28th November (12.30 pm to 2 pm)
Session 4: Anger and Apology – 5th December (12.30 pm to 2 pm)

Participants must attend all four sessions.

Learning Outcomes

This advanced communication workshop offers participants the opportunity to:
• Review their current practice in relation to communication in clinical practice, and with colleagues and other health and care staff.
• Identify personal learning objectives and develop strategies for addressing these within a peer learning group.
• Critique and apply relevant literature/ theory on effective communication.
• Consider and take account of patient/carer/colleague perspectives.
• Identify and practise ways of increasing communication effectiveness.
• Exchange ideas and experiences with colleagues from other specialties



Discussing Deteriorating Health and DNACPR (November)

Date: 14 Nov 2023
Time: 12:30 - 14:00

Tutor team

Dr Kim Steel

EC4H Lead Tutor

Kim Steel is a Palliative Care Consultant in NHS Fife and an Associate Director of Medical Education. Kim graduated from the University of Dundee and trained in Palliative Care in the Northwest of England. Kim has been a tutor for EC4H since 2018 tutoring both in Fife and helping in other boards.

Dr Steinunn Boyce

EC4H Lead Tutor

Dr Steinunn Boyce is a Consultant in Palliative Care within NHS Fife. Steinunn joined the EC4H tutor team in 2017

Dr Jo Bowden

Senior Tutor

Dr Jo Bowden is a consultant in palliative medicine in NHS Fife and also works part-time in palliative care research. She has a Masters in Clinical Education. She first attended EC4H as a participant in 2008 and taught clinical communication to undergraduates and junior doctors during her specialty training. She completed her EC4H tutor training in 2017 and she is delighted to support the delivery of EC4H in Fife.

Dr Stephen Fenning

Senior Tutor

Dr Stephen Fenning is a Consultant in Palliative Medicine in NHS Fife. He contributes regularly to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in Palliative Medicine and has facilitated EC4H workshops since completing his EC4H Advanced Communication Tutor Training in 2017.