Giving and Receiving Feedback Effectively

20 Jun 2024 09:30 - 16:30 Seminar Room 4, Chancellors' Buildings, RIE Free

An immersive one day workshop for senior Quality Assurance Team members.


Effective feedback is essential for personal and professional improvement and success in the workplace. However, it can be difficult to give and receive feedback in a positive and helpful way without proper techniques and tools. This interactive workshop is designed to address how to give constructive feedback to enhance team and individual performance. Participants will be empowered with the the knowledge and skills to feel more comfortable and confident when delivering feedback.

Common themes addressed at the workshop may include:
• Give and receive feedback in a non-defensive way
• Give praise generously without making people feel patronised,
• Give criticism constructively without making people feel attacked or antagonised,
• Confront others with your feedback without discouraging and putting them on the defensive
• Common feedback pitfalls
• Inspiring and motivating others to change
• Make people more open minded to receive specific, constructive criticism..
• Plan and prepare for challenging conversations with colleagues
• Listen and view situations from other peoples’ perspectives
• Managing your own reactions, staying objective and non-judgemental

Learning Outcomes

• review current practice in communicating with patients, their relatives, colleagues and trainees
• identify personal learning objectives and develop strategies for addressing these within a supported peer learning group.
• critique and apply relevant models on effective communication
• evaluate and respond to patient/carer/ colleague perspectives
• identify ways of increasing communication effectiveness
• exchange ideas and experiences with senior colleagues from other specialties

Tutor team

Dr Belinda Hacking

EC4H Lead Tutor

Dr Belinda Hacking set up EC4H in 2002. She has worked with professionals in healthcare across the UK developing the EC4H coaching and training programmes in clinical communication. Belinda was trained by the late Professor Maguire in communication training. Her clinical role is as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Director of Psychology for NHS Lothian. Belinda has a special interest in shared decision-making in healthcare. British Psychological Society membership: 33194