Having Effective Early Resolution Conversations with Colleagues

20 Sep 2024 09:00 - 16:00 Seminar Room 6, Chancellors Buildings, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh £200

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An immersive workshop for Managers, Team Leaders, Senior Doctors, Nurse Managers, and other staff in a leadership role.

This workshop is open to staff from all health boards.


Early resolution of conflict can help maintain working relationships and resolve disputes before they escalate leading to grievances. Workshop participants will be empowered with the communication skills and confidence to hold those difficult early resolution conversations to achieve the best outcome possible.

Common challenges addressed at the workshop may include:

  • Recognising the signs of potential conflict, assessing the situation and providing appropriate intervention
  • Prevent conflict from escalating by having effective early resolution conversations
  • Understand common causes of workplace conflict and how to use communication to defuse situations
  • Create strategies for dealing with different types of conflict
  • Handle and respond to strong emotions and difficult behaviour with confidence, care and compassion
  • Plan and prepare for challenging conversations with colleagues
  • Listen and view situations from other peoples’ perspectives
  • Encourage employees to communicate their problems openly, honestly and respectfully
  • Give and receive feedback in a non-defensive way
  • Try to resolve the barriers for conducting uncomfortable or difficult conversations
  • Understanding your own biases and triggers
  • Managing your own reactions, staying objective and non-judgemental

Learning Outcomes

• review current practice in communicating with patients, their relatives, colleagues and trainees
• identify personal learning objectives and develop strategies for addressing these within a supported peer learning group.
• critique and apply relevant models on effective communication
• evaluate and respond to patient/carer/ colleague perspectives
• identify ways of increasing communication effectiveness
• exchange ideas and experiences with senior colleagues from other specialties

Seminar Room 6, Chancellors Buildings, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

Having Effective Early Resolution Conversations with Colleagues

Date: 20 Sep 2024
Time: 09:00 - 16:00

Tutor team

Dr Ellie Caldwell

EC4H Tutor

Dr Ellie Caldwell is a Clinical Psychologist in NHS Lothian’s Staff Support Service, where she provides wellbeing advice and psychological therapies to Health and Care staff, as well as psychologically-informed support to teams and departments. She is a qualified conflict mediator, and is trained and experienced in providing executive coaching to individuals and teams. She has a special interest in helping leaders and highly skilled professionals stay resilient and work their best under challenging or changing circumstances.

John Raez


John Raez has worked with NHS Lothian since 2007 with both Speech and Language and Physiotherapy community services.  In his current post with Corporate Finance, John is providing project support for regional and clinical projects.  He joined the EC4H tutor programme in 2017