Realistic Conversations: Future Planning/ACP Conversations – advanced renal disease

08 Sep 2023 14:00 - 15:00 Online attendance Free

A free online webinar for NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde who may be involved in future planning/anticipatory care planning conversations, with patients who have advanced renal disease.

This online session allows participants to watch a real time interactive demonstration led by EC4H tutors. Participants will have the opportunity throughout the demonstration to contribute suggestions and feedback to the tutor team via the chat box.


Peter Taylor is an 85 year old gentleman who currently attends hospital haemo-dialysis 3 times a week.  He has had several recent admissions having missed HD sessions and fluid overloaded.  Our health care professional is meeting with Mr Taylor to explore future planning/ACP.

Learning outcomes

In this advanced clinical communication workshop participants will:

· Communicate sensitively and effectively with people and those close to them about serious illness, deteriorating health, goals of care and CPR.

· Talk about Anticipatory Care Planning informed by an understanding of ‘what matters’ to people and their families.

· Discuss treatment and care options and outcomes within a person-centred model of shared decision-making and Realistic Medicine.

· Respond to anger, distress, collusion and other complex emotions.

· Discuss the benefits and limitations of treatment in a balanced way.

· Address communication challenges that arise when the person has impaired decision-making capacity


Realistic Conversations: Future Planning/ACP Conversations – advanced renal disease

Date: 08 Sep 2023
Time: 14:00 - 15:00

Tutor team

Claire O’Neill

EC4H Lead Tutor

Claire O’Neill is Lead Nurse and Clinical Service Manager for Acute Palliative Care Services in Greater Glasgow and Clyde. Claire has been involved in delivering communication skills training since 2003. More recently working with EC4H and NHSGGC Lead for Realistic Medicine to deliver Realistic Conversations virtual sessions.

Dr Jude Marshall

EC4H Tutor

Dr Jude Marshall is a GP partner and trainer in North West Glasgow and Clinical Lead for Anticipatory Care Planning