Discussing Deteriorating Health & Future Care Planning

28 May 2024 09:00 - 16:00 Alberta Room, Medical Education Centre, Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy Free

An interactive workshop for medical trainees, senior doctors and other health professionals (Band 6+), which supports Clinicians to talk about Future Care Planning informed by an understanding of “what matters” to individuals and their families.

Participants will work in a small peer group and address communication challenges drawn from their own clinical practice and educational roles.  Particular focus will be on initiating conversations about deteriorating health, people’s priorities and plans for future care such as hospital treatments options, further admissions, clinically assisted nutrition or hydration and CPR

This workshop is open to  NHS Fife staff only


We look at effective ways to help people think and plan ahead. Clinicians need to be able to talk about emergency treatment and care planning (e.g. Treatment Escalation Plans and ReSPECT), goals of care, and planning for care around dying, including DNACPR discussions.

The RED-MAP framework supports these conversations.

Learning outcomes

In this advanced clinical communication workshop participants will:

  • Communicate sensitively and effectively with people and those close to them about serious illness,  deteriorating health, goals of care and CPR.
  • Talk about Future Care Planning informed by an understanding of ‘what matters’ to people and their families.
  • Discuss treatment and care options and outcomes within a person-centred model of shared decision-making and Realistic Medicine.
  • Respond to anger, distress, collusion and other complex emotions.
  • Discuss the benefits and limitations of treatment in a balanced way.
  • Address communication challenges that arise when the person has impaired decision-making capacity


Alberta Room, Medical Education Centre, Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy

Discussing Deteriorating Health & Future Care Planning

Date: 28 May 2024
Time: 09:00 - 16:00

Tutor team

Dr Jo Bowden

Senior Tutor

Dr Jo Bowden is a consultant in palliative medicine in NHS Fife and also works part-time in palliative care research. She has a Masters in Clinical Education. She first attended EC4H as a participant in 2008 and taught clinical communication to undergraduates and junior doctors during her specialty training. She completed her EC4H tutor training in 2017 and she is delighted to support the delivery of EC4H in Fife.

Dr Stephen Fenning

Senior Tutor

Dr Stephen Fenning is a Consultant in Palliative Medicine in NHS Fife. He contributes regularly to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in Palliative Medicine and has facilitated EC4H workshops since completing his EC4H Advanced Communication Tutor Training in 2017.